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Promote your business on the car screen

The car screen is a new communication channel to engage with your audience.

With 4screen you can let drivers know where to find your business through branded pins, recommendations, in-car offers and search results.

Interact with your customers, elevate your brand awareness and drive sales.

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  • Customized offers.
  • An innovative and engaging channel.
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    Our solutions connect your business with drivers

    Your personal campaign platform

    4screen allows you to get immediate campaign results while always maintaining full control over budget and performance through intuitive dashboards.

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    Our success stories

    Kaufland reached an exclusive target audience, promoted its offer in a customer-friendly way, and increased engagement.

    15.2 s1

    Average Watch Time


    Click Rate

    1: Average Watch Time of Google Display Ads: 7.82s.
    2: Average Click Rate of Google Display Ads: 0.46%.

    UUNO reached its brand awareness and visibility goals whilst engaging with an exclusive target audience on a high performing communication channel.

    12 s1

    Average Watch Time


    Click Rate

    1: Average Watch Time of Google Display Ads: 7.82s.
    2: Average Click Rate of Google Display Ads: 0.46%.

    APCOA reached its brand awareness and engagement goals whilst crafting a personalized driver experience on a high performing communication channel.

    14.89 s1

    Average Watch Time


    Click Rate

    1: Average Watch Time of Google Display Ads: 7.82s.
    2: Average Click Rate of Google Display Ads: 0.46%.

    Through the in-car campaign, Denns achieved their brand awareness goals and generated incremental store visits of at least 5%.

    10.2 M1



    Incremental visits

    1: Campaign duration: 10 weeks
    2: 27% uplift through redemption of the offer in the Details Screen; 73% uplift awareness increase in a branded pin campaign over 10 weeks

    TotalEnergies reached over 200,000 customers through the in-car campaign in collaboration with 4screen and generated a Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) of over 1000%. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of reach, revenue and profit.


    Customers reached



    1: 1000% by redeeming the offer in the Details Screen over 6 weeks.

    Thanks to 4screen's In-Car Search campaign, Shell achieved great results in Germany within the first 3 months alone. A 90% increase in Shell Search Clicks was recorded during the promotion, which directly resulted in 1.924 more store visits. This rapid boost to Shell’s visibility and findability also came with a 14x Return on Ad Spend.


    more ​store visits


    Return on Ad Spend

    1: Campaign duration: 3 Months

    With the help of 4screen, McDonald's reached over 580,000 drivers through their in-car marketing campaign and generated over 2,700 store visits. These impressive results highlight the campaign's success in achieving broad reach and high performance.


    more store visits


    reached customers

    1: Campaign duration: 2 months

    The collaboration between Tamoil Italia and 4screen proved to be a significant step forward, enabling Tamoil Italia to enhance their brand visibility, establish meaningful connections with their target audience, and achieve business growth through the utilization of in-car interaction capabilities.


    Navigation Rate to Store


    Return on Ad Spend

    1: Campaign duration: 8 weeks

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    You can drive performance and awareness

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