The collaboration between Tamoil Italia and 4screen proved to be significant, as the fuel energy provider saw a 116% growth in Navigations to their various branches due to 4screen’s advanced In-Car Search campaign. Not only that, but Tamoil also witnessed a massive growth of 75% in Search Clicks as well.




Search Clicks

1: Campaign duration: 3 months

About Tamoil

Tamoil Italia is a dynamic and streamlined fuel energy provider that operates with highly efficient processes in the Italian oil downstream, developing its business in a profitable and sustainable way. Tamoil Italia aims to offer its customers a true system of convenience by providing real and concrete opportunities for savings through targeted and differentiated discounting at individual service stations through the use of the Tamoil MyCard and partnerships with major brands.


Tamoil Italia, a prominent gas station network in Italy, wanted to increase the visibility and discoverability of their network throughout the country. They wanted to enhance their brand awareness in the digital sphere and ensure that drivers could easily locate their gas stations when in need of fuel. As part of their digital strategy, they sought a solution to connect with targeted customers in real-time and provide them with valuable services and products.


Tamoil Italia partnered with 4screen to showcase their points of sale and provide valuable services and product information to targeted, nearby drivers. By utilizing 4screen’s In-Car Search campaign, Tamoil appeared in a high-ranking position at the exact moment their customer needed their services. This agile, intuitive channel enabled Tamoil to connect with their nearby, on-the-move audience, enhancing brand presence and increasing sales.

Through our partnership with 4screen we were able to amplify our brand’s visibility and engagement. The in-car experience allowed us to connect with customers in real-time, providing valuable services for drivers.

- Silvia Gadda, Head of Sales and Marketing, Tamoil Italia

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