Todis launched their In-Car Marketing campaign, resulting in a 62% increase in engagement within three months. Moreover, the campaign also achieved a Navigation rate that is 46% higher than the benchmark for supermarkets, succeeding at the goal of engaging with a new, previously untapped audience.


Rise in Engagement


Above Navigation Benchmark

1: 3 months

About Todis

Todis is a prominent Italian supermarket chain that focuses on providing high-quality products to its loyal customers through its nearby stores. The supermarket brand primarily caters to customers who are on foot. However, with the emergence of larger supermarkets, Todis realized the need to innovate its marketing strategy to attract a new demographic that primarily uses cars and is expected to have a higher spending capacity.


Todis aimed to break through to a new audience segment—car users—without abandoning their core values of proximity and quality. This target group presented a potential opportunity for growth in both customer base and revenue.


4screen implemented a comprehensive In-Car Marketing strategy utilizing the Branded Pin & Sponsored In-Car Search ad formats. Covering 300 Todis supermarkets nationwide, this campaign aimed to boost brand awareness and integrate Todis's offline and online marketing efforts. Special emphasis was placed on promoting ongoing deals to attract drivers actively seeking nearby supermarkets, providing a new, innovative component to Todis's out-of-home (OOH) strategy.

Working with 4screen has provided Todis with a new and exciting way to connect with potential customers, making it a valuable addition to our marketing strategy. This partnership has helped us reach a previously untapped audience, blending digital and offline strategies effectively. We appreciate the insights gained and look forward to further exploring this channel's potential together.

- Sara Pifferi, Todis Marketing Director

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