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  • Reach drivers in real time
  • Expand your retail experience
  • Build awareness of your location, brand or promotion

Are you a car brand or a mobility provider?

  • Give drivers a premium service
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The bridge between two worlds

With 4screen, the car becomes the meeting point between the driver and the mobility ecosystem.

Now the smart car can recognize its environment and create a direct communication channel with the driver.

Want to offer reserved parking to someone coming to your store? Now you can.

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The solution to connect with your customers

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In-Car Offer

We give voice to businesses by providing engaging in-car communications.

Multiple, dynamic and interactive formats for branding and performance campaigns directly on the car screen.

  • Targeted campaigns.
  • Customized offers.
  • An innovative and engaging channel.
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    One technology, three revolutions

    The Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) revolutionizes the world of smart cars.

    Drivers can finally connect with their surroundings through the in-car screen.

    Businesses are empowered to interact with their customers and provide a personalized shopping experience.

    Car brands and mobility providers enhance the driving experience by offering a premium service to their drivers.

    What our customers say

    For the marketing world this platform is a real innovation. It offers us the opportunity to further develop our marketing mix and to address our customers in an even more individual and targeted manner.

    - Christoph Schneider, Kaufland Marketing Germany

    We have found a unique communication channel with huge potential to provide valuable offers to drivers and engage with our customers.

    - Nicolas Meibohm, Co-Founder UUNO

    For the first time ever, we can interact with drivers directly on the in-car screen, when and where it matters whilst increasing customer value.

    - Tobias Beau, APCOA Germany

    Our 4screen campaign achieved outstanding results with enhanced targeting and tailored messaging, allowing us to explore new innovative ways to interact with our customers.

    - André Humbert, Shell Brand & Comms and Customer Journey Manager

    Our collaboration with 4screen allowed us to reach our target audience where they are - on the road. The success of the in-car marketing campaign not only exceeded our expectations but also demonstrated the power of innovative marketing strategies.

    - Ariane Gramsch, Manager Marketing McDonald’s Deutschland

    Through our partnership with 4screen we were able to amplify our brand’s visibility and engagement. The in-car experience allowed us to connect with customers in real-time, providing valuable services for drivers.

    - Silvia Gadda, Head of Sales and Marketing, Tamoil Italia

    After Waze discontinued its services, we needed to find a new way to connect with drivers. And we found that answer with 4screen. Their dynamic campaigns created a significant boost in both awareness and in-store traffic. We are thrilled to have seen such strong results with 4screen.

    - Nikky Gamble - Waitrose Digital Marketing Manager Programmatic & Affiliates

    Working with 4screen has provided Todis with a new and exciting way to connect with potential customers, making it a valuable addition to our marketing strategy. This partnership has helped us reach a previously untapped audience, blending digital and offline strategies effectively. We appreciate the insights gained and look forward to further exploring this channel's potential together.

    - Sara Pifferi, Todis Marketing Director

    Working with 4screen gave us a viable edge in local market penetration. The in-car marketing approach has not only heightened our brand awareness but also fostered a connection with our customers through personalized, relevant offers. We are excited about what this type of innovation means for our local brand presence in the digital age.

    - Lorenzo Sbrilanci & Giovanni Mezzetti, Coop Alleanza 3.0 Digital Marketing Specialists

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