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Tamoil Italia S.p.A. and 4screen join forces to provide innovative in-car services to drivers

  • Tamoil Italia S.p.A. partners with 4screen, the world's first driver interaction platform, advancing their position on the innovation ladder.
  • The partnership enables Tamoil Italia S.p.A. to increase their brand awareness and visibility by connecting with customers through the in-car screen.


Munich, May 30, 2023 - Tamoil Italia S.p.A., the Italian holding of the Oilinvest Group (Netherlands) BV, announces partnership with 4screen, the world's first driver interaction platform. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Tamoil's efforts to innovate and enhance the way they interact with their customers from the in-car screen.


With this partnership, Tamoil is increasing their brand awareness and making visible to drivers a large scale of their network of gas stations in Italy, directly on the in-car search feature of participating vehicles. This enables Tamoil to connect, interact, and engage with targeted customers looking for the nearest gas station in real-time and on the spot via the in-car screen, providing useful services which entail their products and exclusive offers.

As part of their mission to capture the benefits from traditional energy sources while obtaining new renewable energy avenues in a sustainable and profitable manner, Tamoil is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance customer satisfaction, boost their brand visibility and drive traffic to their stores. The partnership with 4screen will allow Tamoil to achieve these goals by leveraging the latest technology of 4screen.


The partnership with 4screen strengthens Tamoil's brand positioning


"We are excited to partner with 4screen and bring a new level of innovation to the driver interaction experience", said Silvia Gadda, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tamoil Italia S.p.A. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our goals to stay at the forefront of technological changes to offer a better service to our customers when they need it most.”

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Tamoil Italia. Our driver interaction platform is specifically tailored to enable the connection between brands with customers, and we are eager to introduce this cutting-edge solution in Italy with Tamoil. Together, we have the potential to transform the way drivers engage with their vehicles and the environment." Said Simon Hecker, Co-founder and CRO at 4screen.


The technology developed by 4screen is compliant with data privacy regulations and adheres to all safety standards set forth by the automotive industry. Tamoil is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting recent technology and is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience for all their customers with the 4screen solutions.


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About 4screen  

4screen is the world’s first platform designed to connect, interact, and engage with drivers. 4screen’s Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) provides a fully standardized interface for real-time location-based interaction with every connected driver, of every car brand, worldwide. Car brands, navigation system, and mobility service providers integrate 4screen’s APIs into their systems to enable billions of interactions every day. Drivers benefit from a wide variety of useful services such as relevant in-car recommendations, better in-car content, and access to exclusive offers. Businesses of all sizes - from local shops to global brands and smart cities - are using the 4screen technology to increase the visibility of their brand or locations by offering useful content to drivers. 4screen is headquartered in Munich and has the world’s leading brands as customers. For more information, please visit  


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