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First RANK – always to the top!

We enable advertisers to reach drivers on their navigation screen, when searching for points of interests. Businesses can rank higher in search results and climb to the top of the list. 1st rank results are selected 5 times more often than results on 2nd rank.

Sponsored results will appear top of list depending on relevance, ad quality, distance and price. Triggered by active search via voice or manual input.

BRANDED POI – Stand out and be remembered!

We create awareness for brands and drive traffic to your store! Businesses can stand out and be remembered with eye-catching map pins wherever audiences are watching.

Branded POIs will appear on navigation maps depending on zoom level, relevance, distance and price. POIs are automatically placed when map is visible.

Proactive Recommendation – Be the recommended choice!

We recommend brands to millions of drivers on-the-go! Our algorithm delivers intent-driven, proactive ads to the right users in real-time. From gas stations when gas tank is empty to parking garages at destination, the possibilities are amazing.

Proactive recommendations will appear on in-car screens depending on relevance, ad quality, distance and price.

In-car offers – Personalized, premium offer to the driver

Our technology allows local businesses and brands to offer personalized premium services & products to drivers.

Transforming the journey to a premium experience, location-based offers (e.g. coffee for free) or premium services (e.g. valet-parking at restaurants) create direct, tangible value for users.

Drivers highly appreciate personalized offers / discounts to save time or money, resulting in incredible high conversion rates.

In-car offers
4screen dashboard

Place your brand on the map and reach millions of drivers on-the-go!

With the average driver spending close to an hour a day in their car, it is increasingly important for businesses along the route to target people in motion. Our platform enables brands to be searched and found in all connected cars. We do that by offering a state-of-the-art user interface and integrating placements directly into the car navigation, voice and recommendation systems.

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