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Software development & design team

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About 4.screen

‍At 4.screen, we build exciting technology to create truly connected cars. We are building the first scalable digital marketplace to connect businesses along the route with drivers in real-time. Drivers search and find gas stations, shops, parking garages, supermarkets in their cars every day. New voice assistants, better navigation systems and improved connectivity will significantly grow the number of in-car searches going forward. 

Our platform enables automakers to monetize in-car searches / placements and ensures that local businesses get found inside the car. By connecting local businesses seamlessly to drivers, we are building the best digital business model the automotive industry has ever seen! 

The 4.screen team consists of connected car & technology experts who worked at leading automakers and at the largest tech companies. We are already partnering with the world's largest brands to realize our vision of truly connected cars and will change the mobility of the future!


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‍We are looking for talented individuals to join our software development & design team. Our software development & design team is responsible for building the best marketing​ platform for in-car searches and display types – by combining the assets of existing car UI with state-of-the-art usability. As UX / UI Designer you will take over the main responsibility for the user experience & user interface of the web portal where marketing professionals can create and manage campaigns that will impact the driving experience of millions of people. 

We are leading experts in our fields and committed to help team members to grow both technically and personally through their experience working at 4.screen. You will be seated at the table making critical decisions that will influence not only your team, but the overall achievement of 4.screen’s vision.

What to expect?

As a UX / UI Designer you will help us grow the 4.screen marketplace:

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location Munich, Germany function Software Development / Design schedule Fulltime job level Professional job type Permanent posted since 16/04/21 please send CV & cover letter to ask for Christoph Mahlert

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